As early as ten years old I would be fascinated with natural skin care products. My mother's kitchen became a laboratory for creating tinctures and homemade oatmeal scrubs or honey/yogurt masks. Even back then I would be trying to convince my friends or family to help test out whatever products I had come up with. Much of my early work was aided by their guidance and by the time I was in high school I was having skin care and make-up lessons for almost everyone I knew. After going to university and getting my degree, I found my heart was still leaning towards esthetics. I got my license in facial technology and was able to cut my teeth in some of the best day spas in Portland. Eventually, I decided to open up a shop of my own. Not only was it important for me to understand the mechanics of my job, but I really wanted to specialize in giving each client a uniquely relaxing experience. I found the best way to actualize this is by providing a small intimate practice with the finest products available. Every day I have the opportunity to really listen to client wants and fill the gap in what is needed with their skin care regime. I have been lucky enough to be able to create a culture of authenticity with my clientele and they know they can count on an honest assessment of their skin. It goes without saying that every day I am grateful to my client/friends for helping me live out this childhood obsession for the last 21 years.